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Suicide risk reduced after talk therapy, study suggests

Talk therapy sessions can help reduce the risk of suicide among high-risk groups, suggests a US study.

Researchers from John Hopkins University tracked more than 5,000 Danish people who had attempted suicide and later received psychosocial counselling.

They found suicides went down by 26% after five years, compared to people who had no therapy sessions.

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Posted by: on November 24th, 2014 @ 10:14 AM

Some patients 'struggling to book with GP', watchdog says

Too many patients are struggling to book GP appointments in England, the health watchdog has told the BBC.

Patients at one in six surgeries have problems booking appointments, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said after an inspection of 336 practices.

The watchdog also raised concerns over variations in how serious incidents were reported and investigated.

Prof Steve Field, the CQC's chief inspector of GPs, said most practices offered safe and effective care.

"We believe that the vast majority of GP surgeries in England are providing good care for their patients but unfortunately the vast majority are being let down by a small minority and unfortunately, we have seen some examples in our pilot phase of some really poor care," he said.

"What I want is that all patients have access to really good care wherever they are and we will make sure that happens."

The CQC said some practices did not have robust and consistent systems for reporting incidents, or a culture of identifying where things had gone wrong and learning from them.

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Posted by: on November 17th, 2014 @ 08:41 AM

More wonderful feedback for Routes Healthcare!

"Dear Routes - I phoned you and am emailing you to give praise where it is certainly due to the Routes Healthcare lady who supported Judith throughout the session.  In my experience, I see many support workers with learners in the classroom and in my opinion, the Routes Healthcare lady was one of the exceptional ones you don’t come across very often and a credit to your organisation.  She listened to Judith constantly, assisted her with prompts when necessary, encouraged her to stretch herself and do more work and all this in an appropriate tone and manner which was lovely to observe.  The Routes Healthcare lady made the experience for Judith worthwhile and meaningful and I commend her for her skills and caring attitude.

I hope she attends with Judith again because it was obvious that the partnership worked very well."

- Tutor at NHS Mental Health Trust

Posted by: on November 11st, 2014 @ 2:49 PM

Care plan savings 'over-optimistic'

Questions are being asked about what impact a flagship government scheme to improve the care of vulnerable patients in England will have.

The £5.3bn Better Care Fund will be launched in April 2015 to encourage greater integration between the NHS and social care.

But a review by the National Audit Office found the scale of potential savings was overstated to start with.

The government said it disagreed with the criticisms.

However, the NAO said even now, the revised plans contained "bold assumptions".

Last month, ministers championed the impact the fund was going to have after announcing nearly all 151 local plans had been signed off.

The details of the schemes vary, but all involve some form of joint working between social workers, nurses and other community staff to improve the support offered, particularly to elderly people.

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Posted by: on November 11st, 2014 @ 12:21 AM

Future of First Aid Conference

Myself and Jackie Roberts attended the Future of First Aid conference held by Qualsafe in Birmingham on 7/11/14.

The conference was both enjoyable and informative and there is a lot of useful information to be shared in our future Routes Healthcare First Aid courses - one theme being keeping things simple in order that delegates remember more!

Reg Storey

Posted In : Training
Posted by: Reg Storey on November 10th, 2014 @ 09:50 AM

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