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Apprentice and Director Job Swap!

How exciting - It’s National Apprentice week and the job swap today went fantastic.  Not only did I get to make the tea and coffees (no change to the norm there then) but I got the opportunity to chase up references and review the compliance chasing process.  As a provider of healthcare assistants and nurses to the private and public sector it is imperative that Routes Healthcare are diligent with compliance against National Minimum Standards.

As for Sam I am sure she will let you know how she faired.  I think she took to running the company like a duck to water so it looks like succession planning for the next Chief Executive will be nice and easy……

Well Done Sam for not just having the courage to ask to do the job swap but to follow through and actually do it! - Andrew Healing, Director.


When I started my apprenticeship I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing a job swap with the director of the company.  I really enjoyed the day and I’m so happy I was given this opportunity. It’s great seeing what happens behind the scenes and I have learnt a lot in the short time of doing the job swap. I did find it difficult at first to tell my director what to do and asking him to make teas & coffees, however everything seemed to go smoothly. I feel like I have a much greater understanding as to the background of our ever expanding business.

All I can say is thank you to my director and the rest of my team I’ve had an amazing day! - Sam Banfield, Apprentice Administrator, Blackpool.



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