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Care costs to be capped for elderly

Pensioners who face selling their homes to pay for long-term care will be offered state protection for the first time under government plans to be outlined next week.

Ministers are expected to put on record their commitment to the principle of   introducing a “cap” on the amount individuals pay for care during their lives to prevent costs reaching “catastrophic” levels.

However, the Coalition will risk angering charities and campaigners by deferring for at least a year a decision on how to pay for the reforms.

Pensioners will almost certainly see no benefit before the next general election.

The plan, contained in a “progress report” on social care funding, is expected to be published on Wednesday alongside a White Paper outlining major reforms to services for disabled and elderly adults in England.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will review the detail of the proposals before they are put to the Cabinet next week. Family members who care for frail relatives will be given legal rights to support from councils for the first time.

Andrew Healing of Routes Healthcare commented ..."The Government raids the savings of those who have been careful and cautious and paid their taxes and NI throughout their working lives, then expects them to raid their bank accounts and sell their properties – we either provide healthcare or we don’t.  I am sure that everybody would welcome a shake-up of the current system and I for one, will be waiting for the White Paper to be published later this week."

For the full article see this weekend's Daily Telegraph at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9382983/Care-costs-to-be-capped-for-elderly.html

Posted by: Andrew Healing on July 8th, 2012 @ 8:46 PM


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