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Exercising four times a week from childhood 'helps stave off dementia and increases brain power by a third!'

It is not only our heart and waistline that  benefit from lifelong exercise – our brains do too.

Undertaking physical activity four or more  times a week from childhood helps improve brainpower in later life by up to a  third, and could help stave off the onset of dementia.

While all adults suffer mental decline with  greater age, scientists found regular exercise, such as playing sport, jogging,  attending the gym or even a brisk walk with the dog, can have a protecting  effect on the brain.

More than 9,000 individuals took part in a  40-year study from age of 11. Researchers quizzed them on levels of exercise at  regular age intervals, and participants also undertook tests of memory,  attention and learning.

The study found participants who exercised  weekly throughout their life performed better on tests of memory, learning,  attention and reasoning at the age of 50, compared to those who exercised two to  three times per month or less.

Men who undertook physical activity more than  four times a week were found to have lost a third less of their brainpower by  the age of 50, compared to their peers who did no exercise, while women benefit  from a 25 per cent reduction.

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