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Feeeling TATTered? (that's Tired All The Time): As one in five say they always feel drained, our experts share their fatigue tips.

Are you tired all the time? It’s a symptom so  common it even has a handy acronym – TATT – used by doctors on medical notes.

One in five Britons say they are, according  to NHS figures, with one in ten suffering long-term problems. Yet just a third  of these will have anything physically wrong with them, making it a tricky  problem to tackle.

Although causes such as hormonal problems or  vitamin deficiencies must be ruled out by blood tests, once this is done, what  is left to try?

We know that burning the candle at both ends  can leave you feeling drained, but there are scientifically proven ways to beat  the slump.

Here, experts reveal their favourite methods,  from cutting out a nightly tipple to limiting time spent on your  laptop.

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