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Initial feedback from the CQC inspection

Please find extracts from the report following CQC's unannounced visit:

As part of our inspection we spoke with the relatives of people who use the service and with healthcare teams who commission services from the agency.

People told us; "It's an excellent service", "We couldn't have coped without them", "They listen to me", "The manager is prompt in responding to any issues or questions" and "Absolutely wonderful".

Comments received from healthcare teams were also very complimentary about the service provided. These included; "The majority of the patients we commission care for are approaching the end of their life and they [the agency] respond quickly, efficiently and flexibly to our patients needs", "The manager is highly professional in her approach" and "They are always able to provide skilled competent carers".


During our visit we saw that policies and procedures were in place to promote the safety and protection of people. These included information about safeguarding adults and children, whistle blowing and confidentiality.

We looked at a sample of staff files to see what training had been offered to staff in relation to the protection of vulnerable adults and children. We saw that safeguarding adults training was included in the induction training completed by all staff. We were also told that training in child protection procedures had been undertaken several days prior to our visit.

As part of this inspection we spoke with staff. We asked them to tell us what they would do if an allegation of abuse was made to them, or if they suspected that abuse had occurred. What they told us confirmed that they had an understanding of what action should to be taken to ensure people's safety.


The manager showed us a complaints log where issues had been brought to her attention. Information showed that these had been investigated and the complainant had received a response detailing the findings. We were not aware of any issues or concerns about the service.

We were also shown 'thank you' cards, which had been received by the agency from people complimenting them about the service provided. Some of the comments included; "Wonderful job and incredible kindness", "They [the staff] treated my relative with the respect they deserved" and "They [the staff] gave me peace of mind".

People spoken with as part of our inspection knew who to speak with if they had any issues or concerns and felt confident any issues would be addressed promptly.

A healthcare professional also said; "Any isolated incidence of concern are dealt with promptly ensuring any quality issues are addressed immediately" and "I have no concerns about using this company".

Posted by: Reg Storey on February 19th, 2013 @ 10:11 AM


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