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NHS bosses ponder hospital hotels to ease ward pressure

Plans for hospital hotels to care for patients who no longer need 24-hour medical care are being considered by NHS managers.

Under the proposals, patients such as the elderly waiting to be discharged, new mothers and stroke patients would recover in hotel-style facilities.

The idea is being reviewed by the new commissioning body, NHS England.

Supporters say the scheme, based on a Scandinavian model, would ease demand on hospital beds.

Patient hotels are common in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden and Norway.

They cater for patients who do not need to be on an inpatient ward, such as couples staying overnight after the birth of a baby or recovering stroke patients.

As well as offering more freedom for patients, the buildings are designed to save money, since a hotel room is cheaper than the price of a hospital bed.

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Posted by: on April 23rd, 2013 @ 1:15 PM
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  Bev Baxter

April 25th, 2013 @ 2:24 PM

Hospital Hotels I think are a great idea in essence as it does free up very expensive hospital beds and services. However if the Baronesses plan is to recommend that the hospital hotels need to be built at additional cost to the tax payer then I can’t see the benefit. There used to be convalescence homes where people went from hospital to home and these were shut as were the smaller rehabilitation hospitals. Nursing homes could provide this service average cost of nursing care beds in Blackpool is £700 per week as opposed to a hospital bed costing £300 per night. If people could access Nursing home beds when they aren’t quite ready to go home this would save the NHS money and there would be no additional cost to the taxpayer/NHS for the building of the hospital hotel.

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