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NHS needs extra cash and overhaul, say health bosses

Drastic changes to services and extra money is needed if the NHS in England is not to suffer, health bosses say.

A five-year plan for the NHS - unveiled by six national bodies - once again highlighted that an annual £30bn shortfall would open up by 2020.

It said changes, such as GP practices offering hospital services, would help to plug a large chunk of the gap.

But health chiefs said the NHS would still need above inflation rises of 1.5% over the coming years.

That works out at an extra £8bn a year above inflation by 2020. The current budget stands at £100bn a year.

But the plan - called the NHS Forward View - said this would only be enough if the health service became more efficient.

To achieve this, the plan called for a rethink about the way services were delivered.

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Posted by: on October 23rd, 2014 @ 10:59 AM


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