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Routes Healthcare receives another fantastic CQC inspection report!

Routes Healthcare Blackpool received an unannounced visit from CQC on 15th October 2013.  


Here is just some of the fantastic feedback:


We spoke with a number of people being supported by the agency. They told us they

were receiving safe and appropriate care which was meeting their needs. They said the

staff members visiting them were polite, reliable and very professional when undertaking

their work. One person said, "My carers are brilliant. They have been no end of help to me.

I am quite poorly and without their support I would be in hospital. I cannot thank them

enough when they visit me". Another person said, "The support I am receiving has

resulted in a life changing experience for me. The staff have given me so much confidence

I am no longer housebound".


One member of staff told us the agency took great care when allocating staff to support

people. The staff member said, "The management always ensure you have the right skills

and training to be able to provide the level of support required. I have been interviewed by

the families of the people I was being asked to support. This was to ensure I was

compatible with their family member and they felt they could trust me. I have worked for

many agencies but this is by far the most professional".


One member of staff said, "The safeguarding training we receive is excellent. We are

informed about the various types of abuse and neglect people may experience and how to

recognise these. I am confident if I reported any concerns to the manager the appropriate

procedures would be followed".

People being supported by the agency told us they felt well supported and safe.


Well done Blackpool Team!

Posted by: on November 14th, 2013 @ 1:02 PM


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