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Training - Why Bother?

Attending training courses can often seem like a chore and not the best way of utilising your free time and sometimes even your day off!

However if you want to deliver the highest standard of care possible, it’s vital to have up to date training and you never know, you might just enjoy it!


Recently training has been identified as a key factor towards improving the Care Industry and fighting issues such as Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults. 

Paul Burstow MP has introduced a new bill to include a new offence of corporate neglect in the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

 In this he stated:

‘We need a complete shift in the way care workers are viewed by society by recognising them as professionals. They should be paid and trained as such.’

‘Jobs are usually underpaid and under trained, which means there is a serious lack of skills.’


The Prime Minister has announced the Care Quality Commission will do a ‘root and branch review’ of induction training for care staff. The review is to ensure that nobody can provide unsupervised help without an appropriate level of training. New minimum training standards for care staff will be published within weeks.

At Routes we already recognise the importance of training for all our staff working with Vulnerable Adults.

All our staff attend Mandatory Training on induction and Annual Training to keep up to date with changes in policies, procedures and legislation. There are also a number of courses staff can attend for on-going development.

I think that it’s a really positive step to see new minimum training standards being introduced and this will help to achieve the outcome we all want – To Provide an Excellent Standard of Care!

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Posted by: Abby Hough on January 29th, 2013 @ 11:40 AM


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