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Child Complex Care

Complications during labour meant Joe was born with brain damage. Read more about the care Joe is receiving and how we are supporting his family. 

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Parkinson's and Dementia

Jim suffers from Lewy Bodies Disease, a fast progressing and debilitating condition in which people experience both cognitive and motor problems. Find out more about the care Routes Healthcare provide and how we are helping improve the quality of life for both Jim and his family.  

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Spinal Injury

David was only five when he was run over by a car which left him with brain and spinal injuries, leaving him paralysed from the neck down and requiring lifelong ventilation support and 24hr care. Routes Healthcare provide 24/7 care for David in his own home. Read more about the care package we provide. 

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Graham was a dedicated family man and a hardworking construction worker when he suffered a stroke. This left him with a range of challenges including limited mobility, sleep apnoea, respiratory problems, diabetes and loss of vision in one eye.  Find out more about the support Routes are providing to both Graham and his family. 

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Spinal Injury with AD

Martin was only 19 when a bad rugby tackle, resulting in a Cervical (C4) Spinal Cord Injury as well as being at high risk of a potentially life-threatening condition called Autonomic Dysreflexia. Read more about Martin and the care he is receiving from Routes Healthcare. 

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