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Personal Budget Care Services

If your care and support needs have recently been assessed by your local authority, they may have offered you a personal budget to put you in control of the care and support that you receive.

A Personal Budget is when you receive payment from your local authority to allow you to choose the care that meets your needs. There are 3 different types of Personal Budgets:

Direct Payment - Payment is made straight into your bank account, you are then in charge of all aspects of your care, including sourcing carers and making payment. You will also be seen as an employer so will have regulations to follow, unless you use the service of an agency, such as Routes Healthcare, who will act as the employer.

Individual Service FundWith an ISF your budget is still managed by the council, however, you can exercise control and choice over the care you receive. This may be more suitable to you if you do not want the responsibility that comes with a Direct Payment.

Personal Health BudgetsPHBs are more likely to be received if you have long-term conditions or disabilities. This budget will be allocated to support your health and wellbeing and is agreed between yourself and your local clinical commissioning group. You can choose to manage this budget yourself or have a representative to take care of this money for you.

Routes Healthcare Personal Budget Care Services

Here at Routes Healthcare, we have been working with local authorities for over 11 years, we have an unrivalled understanding of health and social care, from offering a daily pop-in service through to more complex cases such as spinal injuries. You can trust us to deliver a high standard of care, day in and day out.

We understand personal budget care services are a big change for some, we will offer any help and support we can whilst you are first setting up your personal budget. You will also be assigned your own care-coordinator who you will be able to liaise with regarding your care package on an ongoing basis.

For more information on using Routes Healthcare for your Personal Budget Care Services please contact your local branch. 


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